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sharl smith_exhibiton_may 2022-33.jpg



Exterior shell: 24K gold and jade green translucent glass beads, thread

Interior sphere: Crystal, jade green and 24K gold beads, thread

Base: Ontario sourced sugar maple wood 

11 in. wide x 11 in. deep x 15 in. high



sharl smith_exhibiton_may 2022-39.jpg
sharl smith_exhibiton_may 2022-44.jpg

Unfurling is a plant-like form that surrounds a lighted beaded seed pod. It explores and celebrates the process of psychological and spiritual growth and the awakening potential and possibility. The shape of this sculpture, an expanded geodesic icosahedron, is meant to express different stages of organic growth, from the 'nubescent', expanding, contracting, blooming, stretching out and transforming into new future.

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