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value shift (inflection points)

Last week we installed and built-in-place my largest work to date in the Rotunda of Kitchener City Hall. A special thanks to Karoline Varin for her behind the scenes work and help with bringing this project to fruition. I also have to thank Canada Council for the Arts for funding the research, production and all of the ancillary costs of this sculpture including assistance and childcare. And another special shoutout to my installation crew: Jacob Irish, Roshan James and Patrick LaFrenere.

In my practice I am seeking to have a conversation about the global consequences of de-valuing femininity. What are the societal, political, judicial, environmental and economical repercussions of not prioritizing that which is associated with the feminine such as nurture, care, support, shelter and maintenance?

I will expound more on this in my yet-to-be-finished artist statement. The sculpture is currently on view at City Hall from now until the end of April. Add #sundropsstudio (that's 2 's'-es) and/or tag me on IG @_sundropsstudio or @sundropsstudio on Twitter.

Photo credit: Danielle Petti


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