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Value Shift: Inflection Points

Drawing on my architectural training and working with industrial materials, I seek to bring to the forefront the rich history of women’s genius and contributions in all cultures around the world. For generations, women have achieved technical mastery over mediums undervalued because of their association with domesticity and femininity. By translating bead-stitching into life-size public sculpture I pay homage to the history of fine ‘craftswomanship’ while simultaneously highlighting the tension between notions of masculinity and femininity within systems of value.


With the sculpture ‘Value Shift: Inflection Points’ I aim to explore questions surrounding femininity and its place in most cultures today. I focus on femininity as a characteristic present within all people, and wish to spark conversations about the consequences of de-valuing femininity. What are the political, social, judicial, environmental and economical repercussions of not prioritizing that which is associated with the feminine such as care, support, shelter and maintenance? 'Value Shift' is a dynamic reflection of this exploration, the work considers the interdependence of all experiences and the invisible network of causal relationships within all aspects of community.

Update: A new iteration of this sculpture is currently on display at the Joy Summit Art Exhibition in the Gaslight District in Cambridge,ON. The sculpture had to be rewoven in place resulting in a new form. Pictures coming soon. 

Documentation by Danielle Petti

Made possible by the financial support of:

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