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The Void 

glass beaded geodesic snub dodecahedron sculpture

9" x 9" x 9"



_DSC0048 (1).jpg
Sculpture by Sharl G. Smith
Sculpture by Sharl G. Smith

This sculpture consists of 12,522 of only 2 types of beads, individually stitched over 335 hours.


‘The Void’ is my first sculpture made using geodesic properties to create rigidity in the beadwork. The result is a vessel that is structurally sound on its own without the need for a mould or wireframe. 


This sculpture is based on a geodesic snub dodecahedron. The asymmetrical opening highlights the dynamic quality of the beadwork and transforms the experience of pure geometrical symmetry into something more organic and animalistic.

The Void_Website - 9 of 11.jpg
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