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DAY 1: Done is Better Than Perfect

My first lesson of YouTubing (and this goes for any creative endeavour) is that 'done is better than perfect'. In this video I talk about scrapping my original plans and just moving on with what I had. It's been a decades long process for me learning to silence that critical voice and to move past the terror of judgement from others (still working on it). The years are littered with the corpses of unfinished projects strangled by self-sabotage and self-doubt. We always want to put our best foot forward but sometimes just showing up is enough. For Day 1, I realized that this is a journey and especially when you're a novice at something, it is way more important to just get started. Be kind to yourself beginners!

I will be posting my videos the day after ( so Mondays are posted on Tuesdays etc...). I am less certain how often I will blog about it so to be notified when I post my videos subscribe to my channel and remember to hit the bell icon.


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