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may 2022 newsletter

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

giant bead sculpture

Hi Friends,

May went by so fast!! The opening for my exhibition at Homer Watson House & Gallery on May 12th went really well. Of Wood and Water will be on display until August 7th. Feel free to visit anytime. Subsequent to that, I've been experiencing a lot of burnout. I should take some time off but no rest for the steel balls finally arrived! A journey 3 months in the making, I had to pick them up from a freight warehouse in Toronto and deal with a customs broker, all new to me. I have been dreaming of scaling up my beadwork to human size for a long time. Earlier this year I found a fabricator in China willing to work with my specifications. So I took a chance and made a big order.

This project is just the first stage in a whole new series I have planned. It has been more physically demanding than I anticipated but also very satisfying. It feels very much like the natural next step for me. I have always felt a compulsion to inhabit my forms. Also, I am diving more deeply into the history of beadwork and of related textile/fibre arts as I construct this series. I have a lot of ideas/thoughts/feelings about the characteristics of femininity and the history of women who though historically constrained to tasks of domesticity developed these ingenious art forms of complexity and care.

My work is now available in the gift shops of The Clay and Glass Gallery and Homer Watson House & Gallery, as well as at Crafted Artisan Market and Cafe Pyrus (King St.). See website for more details.

Until next month,



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